Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guinot Stretch Mark Cream

Guinot Stretch Mark Cream 200ML

RM 308

Guinot's new stretch mark cream has been tailored specifically to get rid of those unsightly stretch marks. Caused when elastic tissues in the skin have become weakened, usually during rapid weight loss, pregnancy or puberty, stretch marks can now be prevented with Guinot's new formula. The rich, non-oily texture and pearlised texture of Crème Spécifique Vergetures penetrates rapidly to nourish and repair skin. As a result, skin's elasticity and firmness is reinforced as support tissues are repaired and protected.

How it works:

Crème Spécifique Vergetures acts like an invisible support sheath. Crelastine B reinforces the external structure of the epidermis, improves intercellular cohesion, and stimulates synthesis of elastic fibres. It furthermore, prevents the deterioration of elastic fibres in order to consolidate the supporting elastic tissue.

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